Who knew scorpions were edible?


Two scorpions compared to a five baht coin.

This is certainly not the first odd food I’ve tried in Thailand, but definitely one of the strangest.  I mean, if you just had to guess off the top of your head, would you ever suspect that scorpions were edible?  Well it turns out they are.

I’m not sure exactly how they’re cooked.  Possibly a quick drop in the deep fryer is all it takes.  When you sit down to eat one of these things, first off you need take off the claws and discard because they are too hard.  Second, you need to get rid of the tail since it’s not only hard, but sharp enough to jab your mouth pretty good as well.  What your left with is a hard, not so tasty scorpion body left to chomp on.  Not very impressive to me in any aspects except the sheer strangeness of it.


Closeup of two edible scorpions.

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