The variety plate


The variety plate

Here’s a nice selection of insects. I’ll give some common thoughts and opinions that many foreigners have when they try these. On the plate we have (clockwise from 12:00, although they are a bit mixed up):

  • ants mixed with lemongrass and chilis (miang mot daeng [เมี่ยงมดแดง]) – Tastes like chilis and lemongrass.
  • bamboo worms (only 1 left) (rot duan [รถด่วน]) – Dry and crispy, like a potato chip.
  • grasshoppers (dtagadtaen [ตั๊กแตน]) – Also just like potato chips.
  • silk worm larva (dakdae [ดักแด้]) – Kind of juicy and they pop in your mouth.

All in all, not too bad of an opinion for these bugs. I think most people are just scared off by the looks, but once they actually try them they decide they’re not too bad.  Of course, I don’t often see them going back for seconds (unless they’ve been drinking).  As you can tell, someone already had there way with this plate before I even got to snap my photo!

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