Quail eggs! Maybe not so strange, but tasty!

Here’s some photos of quail eggs which may not be so strange to many of you, but are not all that common in America.  They are quite ubiquitous around Thailand and are usually served hard boiled or fried. They even have special frying pans for the little eggs so the vendors can crack out 7 or more at a time.  As you may have guessed they taste quit similar to your normal chicken egg, but in tiny bite-sized pieces that include both yolk and white.

By the way, the topping of choice for any kind of egg in Thailand seems to be soy sauce.  It’s actually very good as it adds the saltiness we tend to like with a bit more of the soy flavor.  All in all, it adds up to a tasty combination.


Fried quail eggs


Deshelling a hard boiled quail egg


A bag of hard boiled quail eggs

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