It has gone on long enough. How have I forgotten to mention the best (by a huge margin) Thai beer there is? Leo has the right taste and right price to make it my beer of choice. It is much tastier than Singha and Chang. Much cheaper than Heineken and other brands. They even have a cool logo. How could you go wrong with it? Despite the claims here, I am a staunch supporter of Leo. I know many of you will grill me for this, but perhaps the main reason I enjoy Leo so much is that it most reminds me of American beers such as Bud Light or Coors. Yes, those are the kinds of beers I like.

I still don’t understand how Singha and Chang are more popular than Leo. In fact, I’m not even sure that is the case within Thailand. Leo is unknown outside of Thailand due to the huge marketing budgets the other beers command, but inside Thailand I almost always see the locals drinking Leo. Very often when I go to my local corner store or 7-11, they are out of Leo but have a full stock of the others. Anytime I go out (not somewhere nice) all the beer drinkers always order Leo. Whenever I see some random dudes sitting on the street corner, guess what I see them drinking.  That’s right, Leo (usually through a straw)!

In this wiki article, there is a reference to something called Leo Super. In 5 years here, I’ve never heard of it, but I’ll do a little research and try and get my hands on it if it exists. If it’s super, then it must be better than even regular Leo.

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