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Fried banana flowers

Here’s a quick, but interesting, snack. Fried banana flowers, called tawt man hua bplii [ทอดมันหัวปลี]. Actually, this food is very similar to the common, traditional Thai fish cakes which is where the tawt man part of the name comes from. Just replace the fish part with a banana blossom. I have had banana blossoms on […]

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Isaan oddities

I recently made a visit to a semi-famous Isaan restaurant in Bangkok called Crok Mai Thai Lao [ครกไม้ไทยลาว]. The name refers to the ever ubiquitous wooden mortar and pestle required for somtom and northeastern chili dips. Most Isaan restaurants in Bangkok are little more than temporary street stalls whereas Crok Mai is relatively large and […]

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Whiskey shots, anyone?

No, this is not the infamous Varinthip whiskey, but something of a much better quality. Of course, that would include just about every other whiskey you’ve ever encountered. Besides the fact that it’s whiskey (Whiskey is very common around here and by far the liquor of choice in Asia), I thought the ice cube shot […]

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Food in Phayao

During my recent adventures around Phayao I enjoyed this delicious meal. The first dish to arrive was (goong dten [กู้งเต้น]). The bowl looks dirty already, but that’s because the shrimp weren’t very happy to be in there. The shrimp are actually still alive and flopping around while you eat them. The combination of no water […]

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Thai surf n’ turf

You frequently see stands like this all over the countryside in Thailand. Oftentimes you will encounter a stretch of highway littered with ten or more of these stands in a row, each about 100 meters apart, and all waiting for a hungry customer to pull up. I often wonder how they could all make money […]

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Buffalo soup

This is some really tasty buffalo soup (gaeng juut nua kwai [แกงจึดเนื้อควาย]) that was prepared at a recent wedding I attended. I want to reiterate: it was really, really tasty. Part of the wedding routine was to purchase an entire buffalo and pig to prepare the massive amount of food required for the guests. You […]

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Chocolate covered seaweed for Valentine’s Day

I was at Chatujak Market around Valentine’s Day this year where I encountered some Thai TV stars and their crew promoting these chocolate covered seaweed treats. It’s a very odd combination and reminds me of something the people that eat peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches might enjoy. Seaweed is very popular in Thailand even though […]

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Weird fusion

This was a weird fusion dish that was quite tasty. Rice cooked with squid ink topped with shrimp and cheese. Certainly not a common dish in Asia, although you really can expect any sort of fusion food in Hong Kong. Despite the odd combination, this dish worked quite well. I especially enjoyed the extra crispy […]

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Tops turkey

Thanksgiving was more than a week ago, but we just had our belated feast. Turkey is not common in Thailand although it can be purchased at a pretty penny in most upscale grocery stores. If you do decide to splurge on a turkey, then you encounter the problem that ovens (and definitely not ones big […]

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It has gone on long enough. How have I forgotten to mention the best (by a huge margin) Thai beer there is? Leo has the right taste and right price to make it my beer of choice. It is much tastier than Singha and Chang. Much cheaper than Heineken and other brands. They even have […]

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