Fresh frog meat


Frogs on ice

Frog meat (gop [กบ]) is served in quite a few restaurants although I wouldn’t consider it a common item. I know of one or two places where you can get the whole frog grilled, but more often it is served in basic Thai dishes as a substitute for chicken or pork. Apparently it is a somewhat seasonal item available when it’s raining. I’m not really sure why people order it though since it’s slightly more expensive and not nearly as tasty as a standard meat. I guess that’s just my opinion, but keep in mind the preparation as well. When served in a standard Thai dish such a graprao, they simply chop the whole frog up and mix it in, bones and all. When you’re eating it you get a lot of crunchy bits that I don’t find very pleasant. I’ll stick with the basics instead.

Bonus: Notice the intestines in the top right corner of the photo?

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