Enjoy a tarantula burger in Durham, North Carolina

When I was in elementary school, one of my classmates liked yanking the legs off Daddy longlegs spiders and popping the body into his mouth. He would likely enjoy the tarantula-topped cheesburger available on a limited basis at Durham, North Carolina’s Bull City Burger and Brewery. Apparently the arachnid adds a pleasant crunch to the burger. Proprietor Seth Gross (yes, that’s his last name), says his restaurants exotic meat offerings have “always been about diversity and teaching people about different types of cuisines and maybe other diets around the world.” From Fox13:

Normally in the U.S. people keep spiders as a pets, but overseas, they are hunted and eaten. The creatures can be found in the forests of Cambodia and adult males can grow up to six inches – or the size of a human hand.
“There’s something thrilling about eating your fear. So a lot of folks who are afraid of spiders, this is like the big one,” Gross said.

(via Weird Universe)

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