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Rum Caviar Recipe

Similar to my post on spherification a few days back, here is another simple recipe to try. This one seems even easier and it involves alcohol. Two thumbs up! Rum Caviar tutorial : Mix That Drink.

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Spherified Green Eggs and Ham

  This sounds like an awesome recipe to try. I’m still extremely interested in eating at a molecular gastronomy restaurant, but with the proper kitchen the recipe below would be worth a try. Spherification is a really interesting concept that takes some sort of liquid and converts it into jelly balls with a thing skin […]

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Crab Toast

  I saw this recipe and it really reminded me of a street food in Thailand called kanom bang naa gung [ขนมปังหน้ากุ้ง]. The main difference between this recipe and the Thai version (besides the use of shrimp compare to crab) is that after the “mayonnaise” is applied, the entire piece would then be deep-fried. Everyone […]

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Lemongrass Pizza

Top This: Lemongrass Pizza à la Pici | Slice Pizza Blog.

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