Clamdy Canes, clam-flavored candy canes

I know, I know, we shouldn’t be talking about the holidays just yet. But, keep clam, Archie McPhee went ahead and released Clamdy Canes — yes, candy canes that taste like clams — and I couldn’t resist sharing the news with you.

From the personified clam on the package to the clam taste, you’ll wonder how Christmas existed without Clamdy Canes. They’re a candy clamity! We all celebrate holidays in our own way and if your holiday tastes like the sea, this is for you. Add a little sand for extra clam realness. If anyone complains, just tell them to clam up. Each candy cane is 5-1/4″ tall with gray and white stripes.

A box of six is available for $4.95.

from Boing Boing

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