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Travel photos

Here’s the photos from my recent visit to Hong Kong and Singapore: Hong Kong Singapore Thailand

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Chocolate covered seaweed for Valentine’s Day

I was at Chatujak Market around Valentine’s Day this year where I encountered some Thai TV stars and their crew promoting these chocolate covered seaweed treats. It’s a very odd combination and reminds me of something the people that eat peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches might enjoy. Seaweed is very popular in Thailand even though […]

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Duck tongues

I wasn’t even fully aware that birds really had tongues, but sure enough here we have a plate full of grilled duck tongues (ลิ้นเป็ดย่าง [lin bped yaang]). Duck tongues aren’t terribly common, but if you go somewhere with an extensive menu you might run into them. They are considered a drinking snack and we ordered […]

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Stinky tofu

While in Hong Kong, I finally encountered one food that’s been on my list for quite a while: stinky tofu! I had only seen stinky tofu on TV before, but as we were wandering through a remote section of Hong Kong and rounded a corner, I knew exactly what the raunchy odor wafting through the […]

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