A candle that smells like Chinese takeout

With hints of soy, lemongrass, and ginger, here’s a candle crafted to smell like Chinese food. Because. That’s why.

If someone opens a carton of Chinese food within 100 feet of us we end up drifting over like a cartoon character carried by the aroma. While ordering takeout every day is tempting, we think we’ve developed a more financially viable way to enjoy that scent… Each 100% soy wax candle is made in the USA and offers a burn time of over 80 hours. You could leave that carton of lo mein out for days on end, but we think this is a better idea.

The Takeout Candle is available from Cool Material for $24.95 (which seems like a fortune).


from Boing Boing https://ift.tt/2Nlmnkn

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