Dragonfruit, also called pitaya, and known as แก้วมังกร [gaewmanggon] has become one of my favorite fruits in Thailand.  In my opinion, the flesh strongly resembles a kiwi fruit in texture, although the flavor is a bit sweeter and less sour. Just looking at the flesh below with all the tiny black seeds distributed throughout the flesh might remind you of a kiwi.  The fruit itself is rather large, which is nice, because then you get a lot of chunks of fruit out of each one.  To top it off, this wonderful fruit doesn’t even give you a hard time trying to get the skin off!  Another common variety of dragonfruit has bright purple flesh.  The taste is the same, you just need to be more careful to avoid dropping any pieces on your clothes. Definitely in my top 3 fruits from this region.


The strange skin of a dragonfruit



Notice the similarity to kiwi?

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