Duck beaks. Yep, they’re edible!


A plate of duck beaks


Closeup of a quartered duck beak


Grilled duck beaks

Here’s one that ranks up there with the strangest: grilled duck beaks (baak ped yang [ปากเป็ดย่าง]). This dish is usually eaten by Isaan folk when they need a snack during their drinking sessions.  The beaks are quartered when looking at them head on so each piecea is actually just one fourth of a beak.  The thinner end is near the tip-you can see teeth in the closeup.  The thicker end is where all the meat and tendons that attach the beack to the face are.  You still eat the entire thing.  The beak is brittle like bone and the meat…well…what little there is, is very tough and chewy with a strange taste.  Just munch on it like a very hard potato chip.  I wonder who first came up with the idea of this snack.  Interesting, nonetheless.

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