Thai surf n’ turf


Grilled chicken and fish

You frequently see stands like this all over the countryside in Thailand. Oftentimes you will encounter a stretch of highway littered with ten or more of these stands in a row, each about 100 meters apart, and all waiting for a hungry customer to pull up. I often wonder how they could all make money and what makes a customer decide which one to stop at since they all seem identical. Apparently it’s just luck of the draw and how quickly a customer can slow down that determines if the vendor will get a sale. I see an opportunity for some operational analysis here since there must be “theoretically ideal” position in the line to place your stall. For example, I can’t imagine the first stall would be very profitable because that just alerts a driver to what is being sold over the next kilometer. No (sane) driver would have time to slow down for that first option, but they would have their eyes peeled for the competing stalls that followed. Hmm…I’ll have to think about this some more.

Well, after all that talk I must reveal that this photo was actually not from the highway, but taken in front of a restaurant in Phayao. Both the fish and chicken were fresh and tasty.


ไก่ย่าง and ปลาเผา

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