Animal tongues in different cultures


cow tongue

Here’s a photo of a cow tongue being served in a nice, european restaurant.  Many people may think it’s quite strange or gross, but it’s actually a very tender and tasty cut of beef.  I posted this photo because it’s in stark contrast to one of the odd things I could post from Thailand.  What might be seen as a luxory food or delicious meal in Europe can also be served in Thailand, although in different circumstances.

In Bangkok I occassionaly see the ‘pig head’ vendor at the end of my street.  This vendor has a whole, cooked pig head (or two) in the morning and throughout the day chops bits of it for the customers.  You can request the tongue or the more exotic pieces: chin, cheek, ear, snout, forehead, etc.  That’s right, nothing goes to waste.  Some parts are a bit chewy, but others are nice and tender.  The meat is usually served with a spicy chili sauce for dipping.  Not quite the same as Europe, but it all gets eaten in the end.

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