Pickled bamboo


Roadside stand

This here is a roadside stand located somewhere between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. You see stands like this all over the major roadways throughout Thailand selling whatever the local specialties are: from grilled pork to seasonal fruits to corn on the cob to rat (yep!…see here and here). The roadside vendors are a great place to pick up some really fresh goods at generally the cheapest price around. it is hard to see how they stay in business though, since you will typically see five, six, seven, or more in a row…all selling exactly the same thing. This stand here happens to sell pickled bamboo (naw mai dawng [หน่อไม้ดอง]), something I heaven’t seen much elsewhere in Thailand. Actually, I do see it around in Bangkok sometimes, but these pieces were just massive. I did purchase some, but I ate it before I got any photos. It tasted pretty much like bamboo shoots from a can except much fresher. Pretty good if you like pickled things.

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