Vietnamese snails



Here are some snails we order in Ho Chi Minh City. An interesting food, but I’m not a big snail lover in the first place and these certainly did sway me. I suppose not too bad, but I always find snails a bit rubbery. Maybe I have just never had any good ones. Anyway, there are a lot of large snails around Southeast Asia and these ones seemed pretty big to me. I wonder if the French influence has anything to do with snail consumption, or perhaps the enjoyment of escargot is a result of Southeast Asian influence on France? They pulled all the snails out of the shell first, chopped them up, threw them in a mixture of spices and batter, then restuffed the shells. I did enjoy being able to easily get the stuffing out by pulling on the ‘plant-stem handles’. I still think I prefer it when you take the snail right out of the shell yourself. Anyway, I am always tempted when I see snails on a menu, I just need to get it into my head that I don’t really enjoy them.


The mixture inside

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