Duck tongues


duck tongues

I wasn’t even fully aware that birds really had tongues, but sure enough here we have a plate full of grilled duck tongues (ลิ้นเป็ดย่าง [lin bped yaang]). Duck tongues aren’t terribly common, but if you go somewhere with an extensive menu you might run into them. They are considered a drinking snack and we ordered these at a Tawandaeng, a massive “German” beer garden place that features a variety of performances throughout the evening. Of course it was necessary to order the duck tongues when I saw them on the menu. They weren’t too bad, mostly tasting like fried stuff. Despite calling them grilled, as has been the case with many other Thai foods, I am almost positive they were actually deep-fried. I am not 100% sure, though, because I have never eaten a duck tongue before and it had a strange meaty and chewy texture with a few crunchy bits mixed in. I should have asked, but I was too awed by the oddness of the dish while I was working on the beer tower.



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