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Jabok – Strange nuts with a story

Here is a photo of some nice-looking nuts.  They are not bad, very similar to almond slivers, but sometimes difficult to slide the thin shell off.  Of course there’s a story behind these nuts. I’m not sure of the English name for these, and only have a possible Thai name: จำบก [jambok] or จบก [jabok]. […]

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Huge artichokes

Now this vegetable here, the common artichike, may not seem so strange to most readers but I figured I’d give a change of perspective.  This is one of those things that we ten to take as normal, but many Asians would look at this with curiousity and intrigue.  A bit similar to cheese which, although […]

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Quail eggs! Maybe not so strange, but tasty!

Here’s some photos of quail eggs which may not be so strange to many of you, but are not all that common in America.  They are quite ubiquitous around Thailand and are usually served hard boiled or fried. They even have special frying pans for the little eggs so the vendors can crack out 7 […]

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Who knew scorpions were edible?

This is certainly not the first odd food I’ve tried in Thailand, but definitely one of the strangest.  I mean, if you just had to guess off the top of your head, would you ever suspect that scorpions were edible?  Well it turns out they are. I’m not sure exactly how they’re cooked.  Possibly a […]

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Insects galore

You can’t get enough bugs in Thailand, that’s for sure. These choice bits were purchased during a brief stay in Udon Thani, far up in the Northeast of Thailand. The first three photos are small crickets and are called jing riid [จิ้งหรีดทอด]. After that we have a bag of silk worm larva (dakdae [ดักแด้]). Not […]

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Where ant eggs come from

If anyone’s been wondering where they get those ant eggs that are used in several Isaan foods, then here you go. This photo is actually from Laos, but these ants are very common all over Southeast Asia. As you can see the red ants live in trees and kind of stick a few leaves together […]

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The tastiest part of the chicken is…

I just had to snap a photo of this snack from a roadside stand in Laos. It was somewhere between Luang Prabong and Vang Vien, to be specific. I’m not exactly sure what part of this is edible, but there they were, a couple trays full of them, all nicely bundled up. Unfortunately the photo […]

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Welcome to my webpage. Maybe someday I’ll do something with it.

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Ain’t nothing like grilled frogs on a stick

Here’s a tasty snack found in Laos and some parts of Northeast Thailand. Quarter-sized grilled frogs on a stick.  These particular frogs were found on the riverside in Vientiane, where I might add that I also happened to find some of the best and cheapest grilled ribs I’ve ever had.  Pleasant surroundings, too, just sitting […]

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Peanut sprouts

This is an interesting vegetable I’ve had near Phuket in Southern Thailand twice now. Peanut sprouts (tua ngawk [ถั่วงอก], although this is the same as bean sprouts). I think most Westerners have had bean sprouts or alfalfa sprouts, but I had never even heard of peanut sprouts as a food. These ones were slightly pickled […]

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