Tofurky is some weird meat



What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with a Tofurky? Actually these photos were taken in April, but that’s besides the point. What we have here is a totally vegan imitation turkey. Unfortunately this one isn’t molded into the shape of a turkey like the one I saw last year, but it certainly tasted a lot better. While it’s not something I’m gonna go out and search for or even order if it happened to be on a menu somewhere, I will admit that it didn’t taste too bad. Remarkably similar to turkey. The texture is what really puts me off though. Weird, mushy, close to meat but still tofu-ish.
Anyway, this one even comes with all the fixins. You get vegan stuffing, gravy, and even a fake wishbone! I don’t know what the wishbone was made of, but it wasn’t nearly as good an imitation as the tofurky itself. Anyway, I guess it wouldn’t be too bad if I was a vegan craving turkey meat. Although I’m still curious why tofurky isn’t spelled tofurkey? Wouldn’t that be a real combination of tofu and turkey?


Inside of a tofurkey...with 'stuffing'


Why is tofurky missing an 'e'?

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