Chicken salt, with and without chicken


A friend, who purports to be a famous chef in the Seattle area, introduced me to Chicken Salt. After discussing his great love of transglutaminase, and MSG, he told me about Chicken Salt. This Australian seasoned salt was, in his opinion, where I had to adventure next.


He sent me this recipe on Lucky Peach. It involves the roasting and toasting of chicken breast skin in a manner to maintain chicken-y flavor and not create carbon dust. You then grind that chicken skin into dust, in a mortar and pestle, and mix it with seasoned salt. Adding baked down chicken fat as if it were nitrous to the muscle car of flavor, salt.

This seemed like a lot of work for me, at the time, so I thought I’d just buy some online. When it arrived at home, I tried it on some homemade potato chips, fried in rendered duck fat. I suggest lightly salting the chips on their way in and out. It totally added a delicious chicken-y, and salty flavor!

Then I looked at the can, and there was no chicken in there. It says VEGAN right on the label. I was confused. So, I asked a friend, who claims to have been born and raised in Australia, if Chicken Salt needed chicken to be authentic. She laughed and laughed. Evidently the Lucky Peach recipe is a bit more lower eastside than down under. She assures me the OTC stuff is authentic, and suggests the next time I want an Australian seasoning, I not ask a Seattle Chef for a recipe from New York. Evidently this is a seasoning for Chicken, and the chicken-y flavor is due to the blend of spices? Witchcraft.

I’m enjoying Chicken Salt. Know what makes it even better? Adding some MSG, thats science.

Chicken Salt – Vegan, Kosher, NO MSG, Gluten Free, Australia’s #1 All-Purpose Seasoning,4.5 oz via Amazon

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