Incredible India

Well, here’s a few memories from my trip to India. Now I have been to India before–it was almost exactly five years ago. After my previous two weeks in Mumbai and Goa, I moved on to Thailand and there was such a contrast that I had pretty much decided I had no need to ever go back to India again. First of all, I found India to be very dirty. Everything was old and broken. And the Indians…well, I’ll just say they have their own way of doing things. It was actually quite dissappointing because I was so excited about going to India in the first place.

Anyway, despite having thought I was done with India, sure enough I found myself in Mumbai again five years later.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t changed at all.  It is just as dirty, grungy, and old as it was the first time.  Slums everywhere, people sleeping all over the streets (a huge amount of the population is unemployed and homeless-I think more than 50%), tons of pollution, and really not much to do at all.

At least I was there for a reason: a friends wedding.  In this regard I defintely got to experience a part of India I never would have otherwise.  Staying at the Royal Mumbai Yacht Club was certainly an experience.  And it was nice having some old friends around, too.  Even so, I think it’s pretty safe to say that none of us really enjoyed India.

Anyway, on to the photos:

India 2009 (the album has a few mistakes that I am working on fixing)

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