Three edible insects


What a surprise!

I came home just the other day to discover that someone had purchased a bag of treats. Maybe I should be more specific and say a bag of Thai treats…AKA bugs. Yep, I encountered a variety bag of bugs including grasshoppers (dtakadaen [ตั๊กแตน]), water beetles (malaeng dtapdtao [แมลงตับเต่า]), and mole crickets (malaeng sawn[แมลงซอน]). I have tried many bugs in my time here in Thailand, but of these three I had only encountered the grasshoppers before. All these bugs were freshly killed and ready to be fried up. Stay tuned for an update.


Three different kinds


water beetle (แมลงตับเต่า)


mole cricket (แมลงซอน)


grasshopper (ตั๊กแตน)

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