Beef insides


dtom saep haeng

Here we have another Isaan favorite, dtom haeng (or the longer version: dtom haeng kruang nai wua [ต้มแห้งเครื่องในวัว]). In this case we have beef insides, although pork can also be used. It can also be served as a soup. Actually, it is usually just simmering in a giant pot and even you want the soup version they’ll just give you some of the broth as well. Either way, the meat is generally tender (for innards) with a sour, ‘tom yummy’ taste. Anyway, just by looking at it you can get a pretty good idea of what it is. We have intestines, stomach, liver, lungs, and meat. I’m surprised they leave the kidney out considering that is also commonly eaten. My personal favorite part is the tiny pieces of real meat you occasionally get, followed by the lungs. For some reason I like the lungs although I vaguely remember reading that they are unhealthy and possibly even dangerous to eat.


Lung piece closeup



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