Undeveloped chicken eggs


Mixed in with the noodles

The title of this post may be a bit deceiving.  Unhatched wouldn’t work because no egg is hatched. ‘Egg that hasn’t come out of the chicken yet’ doesn’t quite sound right.  Unborn wouldn’t work…or would it? Anyway, This is certainly one of the stranger dishes I’ve tried in my time over here. The taste is actually quite normal-just like a normal egg yolk. The difference is…well… you can see the difference. When I asked, I was told they are called kai yok [ไข่หยก], but I’m not so sure that is the official name. The yok part may just be a transliteration of the English word yolk. I’m thinking there’s got to be a more descriptive word for them. It doesn’t help that my spelling is probably wrong, too.

These are eggs that are not yet developed inside the chicken. As in many cultures, no part of a slaughtered chicken goes to waste so after the hen is killed, these eggs will be extracted and sold as a specialty of their own. It’s quite interesting (if you dare to take a close look) to see some larger yolks and many tiny ones all connected to the same membrane. I assume the large ones were getting ready to come out soon whereas the small ones had a bit of time left in them. Despite their usual, familiar taste, I find it quite difficult to get these down my throat. The ones here were even served in a palatable bowl full of noodles, but that didn’t help much.


The yolk is still the same


Closeup - notice the tiny yolks

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