Fresh oysters


Bag full o' oysters

Here we have a freshly purchased bag of oysters (hoi nang rom [หอยนางรม]). Oysters are plentiful and cheap in Thailand, although not as good as those from abroad. I find the Thai ones to be quite large and somewhat sweet. They are very cheap, though. That bag there cost about $1.

No matter where your order the oysters around here, they are always served the same way: on a bed of ice with the following accompinaments.

  • Crispy fried shallots
  • A green, bitter vegetable known as gratin [กระถิน]. I don’t know of any common English name, but leuceana leucocephala might be its scientific name
  • A thick sweet chili sauce called prik pao [น้ำพริกเผา]
  • Freshly sliced chilis and garlic
  • Sometimes another type of sauce which is the typical spicy-sour seafood sauce that comes with anything from the ocean
  • Some lime wedges

All in all, a nice tasty dish.

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