Salak fruit


A bag of salak fruit

Here we have สละ [sala], another common fruit in this area. In English it’s called salak or snakefruit.  It comes from a palm tree and the fruit tastes similar to pineapple, although the texture is much more firm and dry.  They come in clusters like shown and are a pain in the but to get open, especially if you have no fingernails. The skin is covered with a ton of sharp, spiny, needle-like hairs.  They’re actually not that hard, but they can still hurt your fingers if you’re opening a whole batch of them.  They make a mess too, with the hairs falling all over the place.  Despite the tedious work to open them, I have grown quite fond of the taste.  When it’s in season I’m happy to buy this fruit anytime I know I’ll be around someone willing to open them for me.


Opening up the salak


The inside fruit


The fruits of all our tedious work!

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