Thai style pumpkin pie


Pumpkin pie

This here is one of my favorite Thai desserts. I call it pumpkin pie, although technically the filling is a custard. Thai’s call it fak tawng sangkayaa [ฝักทอง สังขยา]. The cool part, as you can see, is that it is actually cooked in the pumpkin itself! This works out great for me because I always loved the traditional Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, but only the filling. I would always leave the crust behind. now I don’t have to worry about any crust since the crust is essentially a filling as well.

Yeah, I know Thai pumpkins aren’t as pretty as Western ones. Despite that ugliness (I know I’ve talked about that somewhere around here before), they are much more tasty. Especially when made into a sweet dessert like this.


After a little bite

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