The strangest Thai food of all


Pizza Hut pizza

As interesting as Thai food is, sometimes it’s their take on Western food that is truly amazing. Not just amazing, but very, very weird. Now, admittedly we probably come up with some similar aberrations of Asian food back in the West. Even so, Pizza Hut is a perfect example of oddness. Honestly, this stuff is so strange to me that I am scared to order it.

Looking at the photo should be enough, but let me share some other variations. There is one pizza available with mayonnaise as the sauce. There are other versions with a crust stuffed with cheese (not too odd yet) which is then stuffed with a fish hotdog filled with mayo! The list goes on… Check out their menu for more.

Pizza Hut is not the only culprit. At McDonald’s they have the normal items, plus other things directed towards local tastes such as spicy seaweed flavored shrimp fingers, an odd flavored shrimp mcnugget. Or their rice burger, a burger with rice crackers as the bun. You can see McDonald’s menu here. I suppose KFC and Burger King are somewhat normal here.


More of the menu

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