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Ox tail soup

This is some ox tail soup I ordered in Jakarta. The soup was pretty good with a tasty broth. I did get a huge chunk of bony tail. In fact, it was so large that the majority of the bowl was filled with the bone. That’s too bad, though, because there was only one sliver […]

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Bamboo salad

This here is an Isaan dish called supnawmai [ซุบหน่อไม้]. It is basically a bamboo salad in a similar vein as somtom. I really enjoy this dish and for a little while was going on a binge ordering ever day. It is nice and sour from the pickled bamboo that forms it’s base, but it’s got […]

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Pak Grachet

This is an interesting, leafy vegetable that is common around Thailand but I’ve never seen elsewhere. In English it is called water mimosa (sometimes water minosa), and in that it is called pak grachet [ผักกระเฉ] or pak runawn [ผักรู้นอน]. The pak grachet name seems to be much more common. It is one of what I […]

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Gratawn – กระท้อน

Here’s a strange fruit, called gratawn [กระท้อน], but known as santol in English. A bit large, about the size of a grapefruit with the same thickness of skin, but definitely not a citrus fruit. The taste is very strange; a combination of sour, bitter, and sweet. The texture is also odd, like a thick slime. […]

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A nice mixture of ants and coconut

While sounding weird, this dish is amazingly simple: ants mixed with coconut. In Thai called miang mod daeng sai maphrao [เมี่ยงมดแดงใส่มะพร้าว] which literally means ‘mixed ants with coconut’. From what I hear, they collect the ants by knocking their nest out of a tree into a basket. Then they have to quickly (these ones bite) […]

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Sugar palm fruit

This one was a hard one to find any information on. I knew it was a palm fruit, but apparently there isn’t much information on the internet about these. In Thai its called luk dtan [ลูกตาล] and I finally tracked down a possible English name: sugar palm, toddy palm, or borassus flabellifer. I would consider […]

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Fresh oysters

Here we have a freshly purchased bag of oysters (hoi nang rom [หอยนางรม]). Oysters are plentiful and cheap in Thailand, although not as good as those from abroad. I find the Thai ones to be quite large and somewhat sweet. They are very cheap, though. That bag there cost about $1. No matter where your […]

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Sweet jackfruit and sticky rice

This is an exquisite Thai dessert. Jackfruit stuffed with sweet sticky rice and covered in sweetened coconut cream (khao niaw kanun [ข้าวเหนียวขนุน]). The different jackfruit pieces also have different flavors of sticky rice in them (notice the colors?) but I’m not sure what they are. There’s not much else to say about this one except […]

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Thai style pumpkin pie

This here is one of my favorite Thai desserts. I call it pumpkin pie, although technically the filling is a custard. Thai’s call it fak tawng sangkayaa [ฝักทอง สังขยา]. The cool part, as you can see, is that it is actually cooked in the pumpkin itself! This works out great for me because I always […]

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Happy pigs

On the rural road between Korat and Buriram there are a few strange attractions. This is a shot of some giant pig statues. They sure look happy holding their bottle of beer. They are part of a larger group of statues used to advertise for a place that sells whole pork legs commonly used to […]

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