Chili beer!


Chili beer - brewed in the US

Here’s a really interesting beer that I found in Hanoi as we were leaving.  I like beer, I like chilies, and it sounded quite strange so of course I had to buy it.  After purchasing, I was happily surprised to find a real chili (serrano I believe) floating inside.  I was even more surprised when I examined the label closely and discovered the beer is not from Vietnam or even anywhere in the vicinity.  This chili beer was actually brewed in Arizona!  Great, so I come all the way to the other side of the world to find an interesting drink that is made right inside my home country. Well anyhow, the beer itself did taste very good.  The beer had a nice spicy kick, but it wasn’t overwhelming.  Try to imagine the amount of flavor a lime wedge might add to a Corona and then you’ve got it. Since I can’t get these in Bangkok, I might have to start expirementing with creating my own concotions using Thai chilis….

You can find out more about this beer at there website: The Chili Beer Company.  Maybe next time I’m in the US I’ll try to find a few in the local specialty beer store.


Yeah, that's a real chili in there!

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