Trash plate – a little piece of heaven in a Styrofoam container

Well, I know I mostly talk about weird Asian foods on here, but I couldn’t resist posting about one of my favorite American foods. Well, American is probably stretching it a bit. Maybe I should just say Rochesterian food? What we have here is the infamous trash plate (or garbage plate, or many other names). While Nick Tahoe’s is supposedly the original creator and their plates are certainly good, I still maintain a preference for Empire Hots. How could you go wrong with a styrofoam container filled with half macaroni salad, half home fries, topped with two cheeseburgers, ‘special’ hot suace, onions, mustard, and Frank’s red hot? Lo and behold one of the most delicious meals ever created: an Empire Hots cheeseburger plate.


Empire Hots trash plate

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