What a meal

Here’s a dish I didn’t really enjoy, a knew I wouldn’t enjoy, but still had to purchase it anyway simply for the photo value. This is literally chicken bits to the fullest extent. I am unsure what it’s called in Thai, so I just call it chicken insides (kruang nai gai [เครื่องในไก่]). If you look in some of the closeups, you can see some of those pieces look really funky. There is kidney, ovary ducts, uterus, undeveloped eggs (which I talk about more in another post) and even the piece of the body where the egg plops out. There probably a bunch of other parts hidden away in there, too. As you might expect, most of the pieces are pretty tough and chewy. The eggs were just yolky, although I tend to find these types of eggs really unappetizing. Well, it was worth the photo. The sauce wasn’t too bad either.


Ovary ducts?


Uterus pieces

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