Fried bird – Thai style


The whole bird

Look at these tasty fried birds. I’m not sure what kind of bird they are, perhaps pigeons or something like that. In Thai its simply called fried bird (nok tawt [นกทอด]). I’m not sure what the appeal is with these either. There’s barely any meat on them and its mostly just crunchy bones and miscellaneous inside pieces. I guess this just goes along with that crunchy snacks Thais tend to enjoy such as chicken ankles and fermented rib pieces. The overall taste is okay, like chicken, but I’ll say it again: the texture isn’t very pleasant. I especially like the fact that they leave the head right on there. Is it edible at all? I won’t be finding out. Another one that was much better for photos than filling me up.


Cut in half




Head shot

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